checking my hives after 1 week

Honey Bees

Two hives, two queens. I opened up my hives a week after
installing my packages (new bees) to check on them today. I was relieved
that I was able to identify queens. I ordered two marked queens, but
one had lost her marker and I was surprised to see her looking plain but
different from all the rest.

My bees are so sweet and calm. I have spent a lot of time watching them,
close up and at a distance, and no stings (yet). I found I cannot
trigger my cell phone camera button with my bee gloves on, so I work one
handed – one glove on one off and can take pictures. Aren’t they

bees IMG_1214bees IMG_1218

bee queen 2 IMG_1211bbees IMG_1192

bees IMG_1219

bees IMG_1200

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