today’s sowing

Starting Seeds

Peas (shelling), Strike
Peas (snap), Sugar Snap

I planted them inside. I could have put them outside as my pea bed is nicely thawed now. I just wanted to try some inside in paper bags.

peas in bags IMG_2118
peas planted in bag IMG_2087planting tray IMG_2099

After I planted, my Mom read this post and reminded me to start some peas for her. I think these will all be for her. I’ll plant my own peas tomorrow in the garden. My mom’s garden has not been snow shoveled and last I looked (Wednesday) was under at least a foot of snow. (Your peas are planted Mom!! But in paper bags, not in your garden…)

All of my little celeriac sprouts are also in the picture here. And some very little lettuce sprouts coming up too.

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