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Make it easy with Skippy’s Spring Calendar – a NEW mobile app for seed planting

App is based on the calendar I created in 2009 that’s used by over 10,000 gardeners a year, including agriculture schools, community gardens and home gardeners.

It allows you to create YOUR PERSONAL CALENDAR, including sowing dates for indoor and direct planting, transplanting dates and succession sowing dates.

App is:
     – written by gardeners
     – tested by gardeners
     – actively supported … leave your comments here
     – and, easy to use
There are no adds or product placements in the app
And, its green-friendly – no printing because its on your mobile device

The app has 3 steps:
1- enter the date of your last frost
2- select the crops you want to plant
3- view your calendar, either by week or the whole season
When you come back to the app, it will open automatically to your tasks for the current week

“Thanks for the nifty app! ” – MIchaeldg
“Love the simplicity… Very easy to use… very useful” – Mayhew
“It is a wonderful app….I will be able to carry it with me to the garden without printing out my garden plan. I especially love the transplanting calendar because most books and seed packet instructions do not tell you when to transplant. – Nancy

AVAILABLE NOW for $1.99 at the Apple Store. (link to app site at Apple Store)

The app was written by me and coded by Amelia, a gardener at my community garden.
Here’s Amelia’s blog,, and here’s her programming website,

app screen shot IMG_1828app screen shot IMG_1826
app screen shot IMG_1814

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