looking back

Watching the Seasons

I wanted to see how different our weather is from previous years:

2009, Was a very cold and snowy winter. Snow was gone in most areas and my soil was workable by March 15.
2010, I planted peas on March 17, nice workable soil, no sign of snow.
2011, All of our snow melted the week of March 13 and by March 20 the soil was workable, crocuses, bluebirds, all that…

2012, My peas were planted on March 17 and UP on March 28, the last snow melted the first week of March.
2013, Looks like that year had a late start. On March 25, the soil was workable but snow covered, so I turned the snow under to plant my peas.

2014, And last year was a chilly spring after a cold and snowy winter. The snow wasn’t really gone until March 26. I didn’t plant my peas til mid-April, mostly because we were constructing our new garden. As I remember though, it was such a chilly spring that the peas did really well even though planted so late.

2015, Still a foot of snow on the ground on March 22, temps going down to 10*F tonight. Oh well…

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