Happy St Patrick’s Day – turning my pea bed soil

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I was able to get a shovel into the soil of my pea bed yesterday. Most of the soil is thawed and draining and the bed is no longer filled with mud. There’s still some ice underneath at the edges. Especially the south edge where snow blocks a bit of sunlight. Some of the ice I was able to break and turn to expose to the sun, a bit of it was too solid for the shovel. I turned under most the scrawny cover of rye grass. I think this turning will help to get the bed fully thawed.

newly dug pea bed IMG_0657

I’m thinking maybe next week for planting. But I might get impatient and plant a small row sooner than that. I think I’ll plant it one row at a time, maybe weekly, to see how it goes. Its just a small dug out bed and hopefully more soil will show up soon. But maybe not. I probably should get down there this week and shovel out more of my garden – my kale, escarole and onion beds.

newly dug pea bed IMG_0662newly dug pea bed with skippy IMG_0661

The straw bale seems to be doing well. It’s soaking wet now from our rain and snow. I couldn’t really get my hand into the top of it to see if its warming up at all.

(Note the green text for this post – not much green in the pictures, so I put it in the font – for St Patrick’s day.)

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