winter birds in my backyard

Watching the Seasons

goldfinch IMG_1524acardinal female IMG_1562a
titmouse IMG_1504ablue jay IMG_1467a
black capped chickadee IMG_1487aslate colored junco IMG_1515a
chipping sparrow IMG_1496acardinal male IMG_1512a
The big bluejays get first dibs at my feeder, while little birds wait in the trees for them to have their fill and move on. I love the little catkin-like buds on my star magnolia where the little birds wait. With all this snow I am trying to keep the feeders full. I should get a bigger feeder because the birds empty it in a couple hours.

The big guys in the sky are the red tailed hawks. A pair hangs out in our back yard. I took these photos while the female was perched watching my chickens through the new glass roof. Look at her craning her neck to see in!

red tailed hawk IMG_1459ared tailed hawk IMG_1444

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