Starting Seeds

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Tonight I planted broccoli, cabbage, eggplant and radicchio. Varieties are here.

I’m experimenting with different seed cell sizes. I put the eggplants in larger cells (I sowed 2 seeds per cell and will thin to 1 per cell) as they need to grow ’til the soil warms and will be pretty large before planting out. The cabbage goes out sooner (the middle of April, but only if I can get at the garden through the snow!), so I put them in smaller cells. In the past, I’ve planted 4 or more broccoli seedlings in single larger cells, but want to see if they do better if I don’t rip the roots apart to separate plants at transplant time.

Note added: see comments. I accidentally planted the broccoli 2 weeks too soon. Oops.

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