we have 28 inches of snow so far and it’s still falling

Watching the Seasons

coop snowed under IMG_0049
Microsoft PowerPoint - coop cam1.pptxcoop in snow IMG_0041
I cleared a path to the chicken coop. The hens are fine. A bit of snow blew into their run, so when it finishes coming down and blowing around I’ll lay down fresh straw. The hens are mostly staying put inside the coop today. I can watch them with a remote camera in the run. Only Bertha, my big, heavily feathered Brahma, is spending any time in the run.

I’m hearing some news about the storm being stalled over our area and that its not doing any weakening yet. So we have more to come.


selfie in the snow IMG_0075suzie in the blizzard IMG_0040

Here’s a selfie. Me and my husband. I was snow blowing the driveway but I’m not so good at aiming the blower and I think most of it blew onto my head. Fun!

I want to go down and check on my garden soon. Maybe I’ll be able to get a few more pictures today. But probably not much to see. From the house, I can only see the tops of the hoops.

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