Skippy and Suzie break a trail to my garden

Skippy, Suzie & Charley

c IMG_0106

Yesterday I made it all the way down to my garden and took this picture. What a day! No garden visible, but still magical.

Someone suggested I use a dog sled to get down there. Huh!! If only I had one. But second best, my dogs did an awesome job breaking a trail for me. Suzie went in the lead, ears flapping and barely taller than the snow cover. Skippy went next and I took up the rear with my snow shoes. By the time the 3 of us passed, we had made a nice trail. Coming back was easy. Except that the trail wasn’t very straight. Suzie did a bit of zig-zagging. Who am I to complain, I was so pleased to see the dogs make a trail.

c IMG_0104c IMG_0110

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