new year’s vegetable garden resolutions

Garden Planning

1. More lettuce. I say this every year. I get a good spring crop then get distracted with all the other plants and forget the succession planting. Lettuce and other salad greens are something we eat a lot of.

2. Also more beets, carrot, garlic, onions. And less winter squash.

3. Grow beautiful tomatoes, which means solving the problem I had with bad compost. I’ll move them to a bed that didn’t get the bad stuff. I hope some of my home compost is ready this spring.

4. Grow bigger onions. I gave some of my seedlings to a friend who is a fantastic gardener and she grew onions 3 times as big as mine – from the same seedlings. OK she’s not all organic. But I can do better by giving them more space and not letting other plants shade them. I wonder how much inconsistent irrigation affects onions.

5. Consistent crops of bok choi and broccoli. I did all-or-nothing, feast-or-famine, with these last year. There must be a way to have a few ready all the time.

6. Try again for a good crop of winter greens in a plastic tunnel, i.e. get rid of the voles.

7. I want to find a good vantage point to photograph my garden more and keep up with monthly photos. Sometimes I forget just how beautiful a garden is and how wonderful the summer season was. I just love to look back at the photos in the middle of winter. And I love to share the pictures.

8. Enjoy my garden more this year. I’ve certainly enjoyed it every year in the past, but I would look forward to the challenge of enjoying it even more!

I’d love to hear other gardeners’ New Year’s resolutions!

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