I’m hoping to keep bees this year

Honey Bees

I’m hoping to keep bees! Tomorrow my bee keeping class begins. It will be six 2 hour classes. I have a bee keeping text book that I have been reading and am half way through. I am looking forward to the class.

Last fall, a friend gave me two stacks of beehives. They’re out in my backyard. I’ve been working on putting them in a good position. Where they are now is out of the way of the sprinklers. I was pleased to see yesterday that it’s a warm spot as the snow around them is melting. I think this is good, but will ask in my class.

I’d like to keep bees both as pollinators, for my vegetables and fruit trees, and for honey. I suppose there are enough native bees for pollination, but it will be interesting to keep bees and to have honey from my yard.

The hives I have are only the outer wood boxes, so I will be purchasing new inner parts. In the spring I will purchase the bees – if I pass my bee class.

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