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eggs! IMG_1395b

Today, for the first time, all four of my hens laid an egg! Yeah!!!

I haven’t had any eggs for almost 4 months! After loosing a hen to a local hawk or coyote last summer, I purchased two young hens (pullets) in late August. The new chickens apparently disrupted things so much that my two one year old hens stopped laying. It took a couple months for things to settled down. Once everyone started getting along, I think it was too dark for them to lay. My run is covered with tarps to keep it dry, and I suppose it was pretty dark underneath.

My husband figured out how to solve the darkness problem. He built a glass roof for the run! About a month ago my two youngest chickens started laying. They’ve each been laying an egg about every other day since then. Last week, my one year old Brahma, Bertha, started laying. And today I finally have a blue egg from Ginger, my Auracana.

I will post photos soon of the fancy new coop with a glass covered run.

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