chicken coop with a glass covered run

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I think this is the reason my chickens are laying nearly an egg a day in the coldest and darkest days of winter. Its my husband’s invention and creation.

glass roofed chicken run IMG_1378

During our house renovation, we needed up with two unneeded large panes of glass. A wood frame was designed to fit these panes. The panes and heavy and weren’t easy to hoist up onto the frame. I love the result! Can’t say I’m hearing any complains from the hens.

coop renovation IMG_2642coop renovation IMG_2641
coop renovation IMG_2643coop renovation IMG_2645
In this last picture, snow has covered the roof. We clear this with a big ice scraper and the hens get their sunlight back. And we get out eggs. If need be, we’d lower the blue tarp sides in a blizzard. No need to yet, but I’m sure there will be.

glass topped coop IMG_2704

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