today’s garden work

Garden Work

Not only are the days short now, but dusk seems to last for hours. The sun hovers, lingering at the horizon, then slowly sinks for the night. Today in the long twilight I got some garden work done.

– I hosed clean my sweet potatoes then transferred them to a smaller storage bucket.

– I looked up how to decontaminate my late blight infested tomato vine debris. Then I tarped it over for the winter.

– I brought 6 or 7 giant hosta clumps that a friend gave me down to my vegetable garden and tucked them into a bed for the winter.

– I cleared out summer squash and cucumber vines, zinnias, beans and sunflower debris and piled them in a compost bin. I then climbed into the bin and stomped the contents down.

– I stuck my head in my winter tunnel and noticed there are a few more varieties in there than I listed yesterday. I will add these soon. I also noticed it’s beautiful in there. The light has a transfused opalescent thickness from the plastic walls, the air is moist and the plants glow green.

– I planted winter rye seed in two beds. There are still a few rows of fall greens growing here and there (to be harvested this month) so I spread seed close in under these plants. After scattering seed, I got into the dirt and used my fingers to “rake” the seed in. It was a chance to feel and smell the garden close up. The strongest smell was the spicy nasturtiums vines in the neighboring bed (early summer, they were grew quietly under the tomatoes but then over-grew the whole bed after late blight killed the tomatoes). I damaged a marigold plant and smelled its pungent odor. The dirt has its own smell, I think richer in fall with newly killed plant material mixing in.

After this, I remembered I needed to go vote. I’m sure I was the dirtiest person at the polls. But I enjoyed every minute in the garden today.

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