chicken cam soon?


I’m researching a web cam for my chicken coop. That will be fun! I will post it here. Then we will ALL be able to see what they are doing instead of laying eggs!

Yes, still no eggs from any of the four hens. Its been since September, 2 months now without any eggs. Ii does look like my 1 year old hens molted, but that’s done now. And the new pullets are definitely old enough to lay by now. I have a light that comes on at 4 am in the coop so they get 14 hours of light a day. And they are all getting along well now. I don’t know about those hens. But I’m looking forward to watching them by chicken cam.

chickens IMG_0507chickens IMG_0468
chickens IMG_0471chickens IMG_0476
chickens IMG_0500chickens IMG_0461

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