today’s harvest


harvest IMG_2333

The dogs and I spent the afternoon in my community garden plot. It was another beautiful fall day. I dug sweet potatoes. A 4×4 foot bed full of them. I think I got a better harvest last year, but still the yield was good. I always love discovering fresh tubers in the dirt. I pulled the last small celeriac too and cut some of the ever present dill. And, once again, picked a ton of cherry tomatoes. That tomato plant just won’t quit!

A fellow gardener told me the she cures her sweet potatoes. I vaguely remember something about doing this. She puts them at high humidity and high temperature for a week. I think she said she uses a tent and a humidifier. I just store mine in the kitchen and they seem good. I haven’t even washed mine, I’ll do that when I eat them. (Added later) I just now read back in my blog. Someone recommended keeping sweet potatoes in a box by a radiator. I will wash mine and do that.

harvest IMG_2334skippy  IMG_2346

Isn’t my Skippy a handsome boy! And Suzie is posing for her picture again.

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