cutting greenhouse plastic to cover hoops

Garden Structures

I got my roll of plastic out and brought it down to the garden today. Its standard clear 6 mil greenhouse film from Greenhouse Megastore. Its the first time I’ve used this. Its 12 feet wide, so seems perfect for covering my 1/2 in PVC pipes, which are 10 feet long. There will be 1 ft at each side for anchoring.

I suppose I could have measured the tunnels, figured out the length of plastic I needed to cover the 12 foot bed plus the two edges and then added 1 ft for anchoring. Instead, I laid it out (still folded) over the bed and cut it in place. I secured the plastic with clips to hold it in place.

Copy of IMG_0179Copy of IMG_0181
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Once cut, I removed the clips, unfolded the plastic and laid it out over the bed. I secured the edges with the boards my husband cut earlier for me to use to walk across the beds. I have six, 2×6″, 4 foot boards and a couple of 6 foot ones. These seem to work perfect to secure the plastic. I don’t know how easy they will be to remove mid winter when I want to harvest from the bed, but I’ll find out.

Copy of IMG_0200

I left the plastic on the bed for a only a few minutes, then peeked in on the plants. Hot!! Its 60*F ans sunny today, so the greens do not need to be covered. I took the plastic off and got a good whiff of warm humid air flowing out. I’ll wait til temps drop to cover again.

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