pullets join hens


I have big news about my little pullets. They have joined the big hens in the coop! Yeah pullets!

Every day at about 4 or 5 pm, I’ve been letting the new pullets out of their dog crate to roam free. They forage in the woods and generally stay under cover. I used to let the big hens out regularly too, some times all day, but, after seeding the lawn, we found they were eating so much grass seed that I kept them in their coop.

Well, now the seed has sprouted and today at 5 pm I let all four hens out to forage. At night fall, all go back to their roosts. In the past, the pullets have always gone to their private dog crate and the big hens to the coop.

Tonight I found them all in the coop!!!! Maybe I can put the dog crate away and have one happy chicken family now.

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