garden in the rain

Backyard Garden, Photos of my Gardens

I went out in the rain today to check my garden. I got totally soaked because I couldn’t just check the garden fast as I had planned. Once there I had to weed and take pictures. I only had my cell phone, so they aren’t the best photos. Skippy and Suzie came too and played while I wandered in the garden. We all got soaked.

garden 1 garden 2
garden 6 garden 5
garden 3 garden 10 skip and suzie

The photos remind me of things I need to do in the garden.
– The old pea vines need to come out. I’m waiting to do this until the fall seedling are ready to go in. I want to remember to get row cover ready to use for any Brassica’s I plant as the cabbage worms are terrible here.
– The soy beans are ripening fast. I am keeping my eye on them as last year I waited too long to harvest. Getting the salt ready for fresh edamame!
– Lots of pretty eggplants coming along. I need to plan some eggplant recipes.
– I am thinking about whether to spray the popcorn tassels for corn ear worms. Its my first popcorn harvest here and I don’t know if these are a problem. I guess my tendency is to not treat until I know I need to.

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