potato bed ready for planting

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Finally, I have a potato bed ready to plant. I’ve gone over to my community plot several times to work on it, but each time I go there is some other task that needs to be done. Like removing salt marsh hay mulch from my garlic and onions and layering it in my garden paths, emptying my compost bin and sifting the new compost, pruning my pear trees and raspberry canes, top-dressing my asparagus with compost and pruning lots of winter kill from my lilac bush (it sure was a tough winter). Today I brought two wheelbarrows full of rich compost to the potato beds, turned it under and dug troughs.

Finally, the potato bed is ready.

Tonight I cut my seed potatoes into sections with one eye each. They are curing now in the kitchen. I’ll plant them tommorow in the prepared beds. Adirondack Blue and Yukon Gold. A dozen eyes of each.

I still have a dozen eyes of Burbank Russet and a couple Kennebec Reds waiting til I have time to prepare another bed.

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