winner – most garden catalogs!


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How do these companies find us??!! I moved late last year, yet I’m getting a stack of garden catalogs at my new address – maybe even more than usual.

Though I do most of my reading on-line, its still nice to have a hard copy. Catalogs are my favorite garden reading. Some have so much information.

I remember well many previous years, sitting curled up on the couch with catalogs, waiting for winter to pass…. Well, some years, I sat on bleachers as my son wrestled. Other years, in the waiting room as he had music lessons. Other years, in a car or plane as we traveled to visit relatives. Wherever, love those catalogs.

My favorites,
– BC Greenhouse Builders Limited: Beautiful greenhouses!
– FarmTek: Hoophouses!
– Territorial: Great culture and disease info. A whole refresher course.
– FedCo: More creative fruit and vegetable info than anyone else.
– Kitazawa Seed Co: So much variety in Asian vegetables!
– I didn’t get a Johnny’s catalog or I would have recommended them too as a second, and more extensive, vegetable culture and disease refresher course.
– And for chickens: Murray McMurray Hatchery. I mush have lost that one from bringing it around with me too much.

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