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finished raised bed frames

Yesterday my husband and I made eight raised beds for my new garden! Kind of a dreary late March day, but I am so happy seeing the beds all lined up! We made six 4×12 foot beds and two 6×15 foot beds.

To make the six 4×12 beds:
– We started with fifteen 2x8x12’s, untreated pine.
– We brought a compound miter saw down to the garden area. (It was raining off an on so we used a canopy to keep it dry.
– To make the 4′ edges, four boards were cut in thirds.
– To make 24 corner brackets, two 4x4x8 untreated fir beams were cut the width of the boards, 7.5 inches.
– We butted up the boards one edge at a time and attached them using wood screws.
– We then placed the 4×4 bracket beam piece in the corner and used self-threading lumber screws to securely attach from both sides.
– Then we placed the beds where we wanted them. We’re still looking at the placement and it may take us a few days to get the positioning we want.
– Next steps, we will level the beds with brick at one edge since we are on a bit of a slope. Then we’ll secure the beds in place by pounding in wood stakes on the outside of the beds, every 3 feet. Then we’ll add DIRT and plant stuff!

raised bed frames
raised bed frames 2 raised bed corer IMG_6993
raised bed corner IMG_6991

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