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home garden diagram 2014 v5

I’ve looked up some companion planting suggestions and included the on my planting diagram. I’ll put carrots next to parsley. Peas away from cucumbers. Lupines next to the peas. Marigolds and Bee Balm with the tomatoes. And lettuce by the squash. I’ve never done more than the basic companion planting – add marigolds and pollinator-attracting flowers here and there. It’ll be fun to give this a try.

I’ve grown hyssop for years and its great for attracting bees. I’ll put a row of hyssop, lavender and Echinacea along the front to attract pollinators and look pretty.

At my community plot, I’ll also try a bit of companion planting this year. Tansy with the squash and pansies with the onions.

community garden diagram 2014 v5

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