more birds at my feeder

Watching the Seasons

song sparrow 085
house sparrow downy woodpecker 089
mourning dove 075 chickadee 030

I took pictures of a few more birds at my backyard feeders today. A song sparrow, house sparrow, downy woodpecker, mourning dove and a chickadee. Added to the 11 species I saw yesterday, that’s 15 total.

I think that’s almost all of the birds I commonly see here at my new house in Lincoln MA. Other common ones that I didn’t see this weekend are American robins and white-throated sparrows, though I suppose neither of these are feeder birds. I did see a big red-tailed hawk hunting in the yard – also fortunately not a feeder bird.

My mom saw a pair of bluebirds at her feeder not so far from me this weekend. I am very jealous and am watching for flashes of blue.

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