birds at the feeders after the blizzard


titmouse 038
nuthatch 052 house or purple finch 042

red bellied woodpecker 069
goldfinch 054 chipping sparrow 058
carolina wren 024 blue jay 068
birds 044
squirrel 078 junco 023
cardinal 047

I filled the feeders this morning and the birds went crazy! I’ve never seen so much action and so many different types of birds. We got about 10 inches of snow in the blizzard that came through yesterday and last night. Less than the 2+ feet some areas near us got. But the birds here were hungry!

I counted 11 different types of birds: blue jay, Northern cardinal, Carolina wren, black-capped chickadee, chipping sparrow, American goldfinch, house finch (or purple finch?), slate-colored junco (also called dark-eyed junco), white-breasted nuthatch, red bellied woodpecker, and tufted titmouse. Plus a nice little Eastern grey squirrel.

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