my new chickens

---, My Chickens

This is Ginger, my Araucana chicken. She will lay blue/green eggs!
ginger - an araucana chicken IMG_5433

And this is Penny, a Black Australorp. She is supposed to be very easygoing, a very good layer of dark brown eggs, and will have black feathers with green highlights.
penny -  a black australorp chicken IMG_5448

And last, but not least, Bertha, a Light Brahma. She will be BIG and hardy, and beautiful and will lay a few light brown eggs now and then.
bertha - light brahma chicken IMG_5447

All three are between 18 and 22 weeks old. Pullets. Right now all are the same size, about as big as a large pigeon. When full grown, Ginger will be 5-6 lbs, Penny will be 6-7 lbs, and Bertha will be huge: 10-14 pounds! I am looking forward to their eggs.

Suzie keeps an eye out over the flock. I’m working on training the two dogs that these are pets.
Copy (2) of IMG_5462

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