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Pests & Pathogens

Its that time of year…..
Slugs ate 80% of my red runner beans but none of my Chinese beans (thank goodness). Time for Sluggo.
Slugs are also eating my basil, and I’m finding baby slugs inside the lettuce heads when I wash them. I transplanted the basil to fill in the holes and sprinkled on some Sluggo.
Leaf miners are all over my beets greens. I should have covered them earlier, but did not. I’ll just ignore them and hope some new leaves can out grow the miners.
– My potatoes and tomatoes have buckshot holes from flea beetles, but not too bad. This pest is short lived, with a spring life cycle of about 1 mo.
– I can’t see my cabbage, broccoli or kale because I covered it last week to keep the cabbage worm off. I think its doing well.
– The chipmunks ate my first big red strawberry today. I have some chicken wire covering ready to go on tomorrow in hopes of having a nice strawberry martini for myself soon.
Chipmunks also have been eating the sunflower seeds from the roots of my sunflower seedlings. That basically kills the plants….I suppose a chicken wire cover in the top of the soil wold help if I grow some more sunflowers.

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