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This is my shady garden. I know it will have even less sun this year as those trees keep on growing.

The open cold frame gets the best light (5 hours of sun: 10am – 3pm). I’ll plant tomatoes, peppers and eggplants in it soon. I have a pile of compost inside ready to spread and dig under. Yesterday I cleared the last of the winter broccoli and lettuce out of the frame, so its ready to go when the rain clears. The seedlings are soaking up the rain and waiting to be transplanted.

The far left and right beds get the least sun (maybe only 3 hours of midday sun, 11am – 2pm), plus they’re shaded by the rose and day lilies next to they. In the far left bed I planted basil. Some peas are struggling along, but I’m thinking they won’t amount to much. I’ll plant shell beans in the far right bed soon.

The three middle beds get about 4 hours of sun midday (11am – 3pm). Herbs do well along the front. I’ve planted pole beans there and cucumbers on teepees. Some lettuce is growing well and ready for harvest soon. I’ll plant lots of edamame soybeans soon – yum!

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