spring planting in Mom and Dad’s garden

Garden Work, Mom and Dad's Garden

Today, my parents and I did the first work of the season on their vegetable garden. Here are before and after photos.


mom and dad's garden 038

mom and dad's garden 046

Only a couple hours work. We raked, then weeded and marked out paths. My Mom had her pad and pen and wrote down what we planted where. Dad and I planted seeds and seedlings. We did our best to leave enough room for the warmer weather crops, like beans and tomatoes, and to plan for crop rotation. Dad put row cover over the newly transplanted lettuce seedlings to protect them a bit from drying out. Last, we watered all the new transplants from a gallon jug – rain is expected in a couple days.

Now we will wait and see what grows.

mom and dad's garden 045 mom and dad's garden 040
mom and dad's garden 044 mom and dad's garden 041

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