I was out gardening today!

Garden Work

Its a beautiful sunny Sunday. I opened up my cold frame – meaning only to pick a little bok choi – but the air was so nice, I stayed and gardened a while. I weeded, removed dead leaves and plants killed by the week of bitter cold we had. Many plants are still looking good and perking up now. I watered, and just enjoyed the smell and feel of the dirt and springlike air.

The thermometer said 35*F outside the frame and 52 inside. Ahhh…

The soil in the frame has a wonderful rich feel to it. A big fat earthworm was digging under the spinach. I got my hands nice and dirty.

In the yard, the snow is melting back a bit. Still plenty of 2 foot deep piles, but where it is melting on the edges the snowdrops are blooming and all sorts of bulbs are popping up. I noticed my snapdragons survived the winter. My tree peony has big leaf buds getting ready to open. Though its been very cold, I think the snow cover has been really good for the plants.

I think there is a bit of extra room in the cold frame, and I will start a few bock choi and lettuce plants today to fill in the spaces. I wish I’d thought to do this a few weeks ago, but I am still getting used to using a cold frame.

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early march gardening 061 early march gardening 029
early march gardening 036 early march gardening 027
early march gardening 037
early march gardening 055
early march gardening 050 early march gardening 056

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