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I was talking with my brother yesterday. He’s looking forward to planting his garden. We were noticing that St Patrick’s Day is only ONE week away now! That’s when I planted my first pea seeds outside in the garden last year. We are wondering if there’s any chance we can plant that soon this year.

I remember last year on a 70*F day in mid March I turned in a load of compost into my parents garden (mostly my son did the spreading and turning) and we planted seeds for them. We planted beets, lettuce, arugula, carrots and lots of peas. The lettuce didn’t do so well, but all the others did great.

I’m hoping our soil isn’t frozen very deep now and that the snow will melt from the warm spots this week. I’m getting my seeds ready – just in case. I have some packets of arugula, radish, carrots, beets, Chinese celery, spinach and peas ready to go. Even though its probably wishful thinking.

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