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I have been bringing my zoom lens on our walks and trying to photograph the birds I see. Some summer birds are gradually starting to arrive, like red wing black birds. I think all of the birds here are winter birds, robin, chickadee, tufted titmouse, starling. I wasn’t sure what the bird next to the titmouse it. It was near the titmouse, but not behaving like a titmouse as it was up at the top of the tree singing “sprrriinng”, “sprrriinng”. I suppose the photo looks like a titmouse, so maybe this is male spring behavior.

And then there is the very blurry photo of the big black bird. It was an enormous bird – bigger than a red tailed hawk. It appeared completely black in the bright light, but I think the photo shows a bit of mottling. My camera battery died and I only got one shot. I am thinking maybe an immature bald eagle! He took off to the north.

I am going to bring my camera again today, with a full battery, and see if I can add more bird photos.

We are expecting another big snow storm today. If this weather keeps up, I may never be able to garden……

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