tiny new onion sprouts!!

Starting Seeds

Frontier onion sprout  007
Frontier onion sprout  007 first tray of seedlings-to-be 001

I found a first onion sprout today. Yippee!!

I guess one of the reasons onions and celeriac are planted first is that they sprout slow and they grow slow. I’m wishing I had sowed a few broccolis just to get things going! This evening, I used a toothpick and checked around in the onion pots for sprouts. Since I like to use up my old seed, and onion seed doesn’t last long, I often have trays that don’t sprout.

The Pontiac onions are sprouting, but apparently not Frontier, Ruby Ring, or leeks. I had an email from Fedco today that my new onion, leek and shallot seeds are on the way. I’ll get some pots ready so I can plant this fresh seed as soon as it arrives.

Go sprouts, GO!

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