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orchid window 090

orchid unnamed phal 037 orchid lc trick or treat  079

orchid cat burana beauty 007 amaryllis red lion 085

orchid den tanida 019 orchid den ise x sachi 070

I brought 3 orchids back with me from Florida earlier this month. I packed them in a travel tube and carried them on the airplane. They made it home fine, only a little crushed. A magenta dendrobium, an orange and red cattleya and a small unnamed pink dendrobium. The red cattleya, burana beauty, is amazing. I have never had an orchid with such a beautiful scent. These new plants have joined my old orchids and a couple amaryllis on the window sill.

Below are some old photos of orchids on my sill that I never posted. They add some more color here.

white orchid

white orchid orange orchid

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