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I have a stack of catalogs and have been reading through them all. They’re as good as a nice novel! Its exciting that there is so much to plan.

I’ve been reading the pages on organic pest control in Johnny’s catalog. I’ve circled a bunch of onion and leek varieties the Fedco catalog. And I’ve circled eggplants, peppers and a lovely pink sweet pea in the Cook’s catalog.

The first seeds I plant are always onions, leeks and celeries. I used my planting calendar tool to print out a list of the dates to start these. It says I should start planting on Feb 22. I am thinking I will start a few 6-packs a bit early. I bought the last 3 planting trays from last season at my local hardware store this weekend, as well as some 6-pack inserts, so I am all set. Maybe today? Why not…..

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