my how-to videos are ready


A couple weeks ago, Skippy and I shot some garden “how-to” videos. Well, it was certainly mostly the work of our video producer to put these together. Skippy and I just goofed off and had fun in the garden and Alan Mack (Spinning Horse Productions) did an amazing job to make it all come together.

I was pretty nervous to do this project, as I’ve never done video before (neither has Skip, though I don’t think he was all that nervous). I hope these videos are helpful to gardeners. I would appreciate any input about content or quality. Demand Video (E-How) sponsored them. They develop products that address the specific topics for which people are searching information.

Topics they asked me to do for my “Fall Garden” set include:

How to harvest perennial onions

How to plant pea seeds in the fall
How to remove dahlias
How to store dahlia tubers
How to grow sprouted garlic
How to save seeds and start a life saving garden
How to harvest chile peppers
How to protect seeds with burlap
How to harvest summer squash
How to pick squash
Easiest way to grow leeks

I hope you enjoy these videos. Many of them have Skippy in them. The other black dog is Skippy’s girl friend Koby – Alan’s black lab. They look calm in the videos, but they had the run of the garden when the camera was off!!!

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