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Writing a blog is an interesting thing. Usually it’s just me, going on about my garden or photos I took. “I did this, then that”. But the best part for me is getting comments. Sometimes comments come from gardeners on the other side of the world.(OK, it can be really hard to hear about summer in Australia when we’re under a foot of snow.) Sometimes I get comments from gardeners with more experience than me, or who have a good idea to describe. Sometimes a new gardener comments with a question.

Soon after I first began blogging in 2006, Marian from London UK added her comments. A bit about her lottie, a note of support, a quick hello. Over about 5 years, we’ve virtually gotten to know each other.

Well, this past week, Marian and her husband John traveled to Boston and I was very pleased to become a part of their travel plans. On a sunny Saturday afternoon, we met at my community garden plot. We talked, we walked. It is really an exciting experience, to put a face to someone I have known for so long.

I enjoyed hearing how Marian’s experience of a community garden in the UK is different from mine here in the US. And of course there are lots of UK and USA politics that make for good discussions these days. We chatted as we walked through the gardens and then back around and through the fields with fall colors. We talked more at my house, over garden fresh pizza and fresh cabbage slaw.

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