lettuce varieties


I wanted to record photos of the lettuce varieties I am growing this fall. They are a nice mix of colors. All except the Simpson did well with the summer heat. The Simpson bolted and I had to harvest it before the head was full. I think the Skyphos has grown the slowest, maybe because it was under the squash leaves when it was small. I think it may also be the prettiest.

lettuce Butterhead Green, Ermosa 081 lettuce Butterhead Green, Ermosa 082
Butterhead Green Ermosa

lettuce Butterhead Red, Skyphos  071lettuce Butterhead Red, Skypho 072
Butterhead Red Skyphos

lettuce red summer crisp Teide 063 lettuce black seeded simpson 067
Red Summer Crisp Teide and Black Seeded Simpson

lettuce green summer crisp Nevada 068 lettuce green summer crisp Nevada 065
Green Summer Crisp Nevada

Can’t say any of these are my favorites, like Big Boston or Prizehead or Oaky Red Splash.

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