fish fertilizer on fall seedlings


fertilizer 008

I got some free samples of a liquid fish fertilizer in the mail to try. Two bottles. One is all organic from fish. The other has a bit of nitrogen added. I tried it on my fall seedlings. They’ve been growing really fast and I’m sure they’ll need some extra umpf to keep going at this rate.

I like the convenience of a liquid fertilizer. Just add a few tbs to a watering can and sprinkle.

I have seedlings tucked in all over the place now. Under the squash trellis, under the big bok choy, and in between the old squash vines. Nearly every day I trim off more mildewed squash leaves or harvest some cabbage and the seedlings get more light and space.

fertilizer 005 fall seedlings 012
fall seedlings 016 fall seedlings 014

The fertilizer is called Fish Rich and is available here:

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