my plant list

Garden Planning

I put together a list of the varieties of vegetables, herbs and fruits I am growing this year.


Asparagus, Jersey Supreme

Asparagus, Purple Passion

Beans, Bush, Provider

Beans, Bush, Royal Burgundy

Beans, Bush French filet, Maxibel

Beans, Bush Italian flat, Jumbo

Beans, Bush Italian flat, Roma

Beans, Pole, Orient Wonder

Beans, Pole, Scarlet Emporer

Beans, Pole, Shung Wang’s Beans, seeds given to me, I save and grow each year

Beets, Pink, Chiogga Guardsmark

Beets, Red, Bull’s Blood

Beets, Red, Cylindra

Beets, Red, Early Wonder

Beets, Red, Red Ace

Beets, Red, Round Red Merlin

Beets, White, Blankoma

Beets, White, White Detroit

Broccoli, Diplomat

Cabbage, Napa, Mini Kisaku

Cabbage, Pac Choi, Extra Dwarf

Cabbage, Pac Choi, Mei Qing Choi

Cabbage, Pac Choi, Win-Win Choi

Cabbage, Pac Choi, Wong Bok

Cabbage, Red, Super Red 80

Cabbage, Savoy, Alcosa

Carrots, Bolero

Carrots, Mokum

Cauliflower, Little Cloud Hybrid

Celery, Tango

Cucumber, Boston Pickling

Cucumber, Diva

Cucumber, North Carolina Pickling

Cucumber, Sooyow Nishiki

Cucumber, Straight 8

Cucumber, Sweet Success

Cucumber, Tokiwa

Eggplant, Black King Hybrid

Eggplant, Kamo

Eggplant, Tiger

Endive, Dubuisson

Endive, Olesh Tres Fine

Escarole, Broadleaf Batavian

Escarole, Natacha

Fennel, Perfection

Garlic, Hardneck, Duganski

Garlic, Hardneck, Music

Herb, Basil, Nufar

Herb, Borage

Herb, Chives (perennial)

Herb, Cliantro, Calypso

Herb, Dill, Mammoth

Herb, Oregano (perennial)

Herb, Parsley, Giant of Italy

Herb, Rosemary (perennial in coldframe)

Herb, Sage (perennial)

Herb, Thyme (perennial)

Kale, Blue Curled Scotch

Kale, Green Curled Winterbor

Kale, Tuscan

Leeks, Giant Musselburgh

Lettuce, Butterhead Green, Ermosa

Lettuce, Butterhead Green, Victoria

Lettuce, Butterhead Red, Red Cross

Lettuce, Butterhead Red, Skyphos

Lettuce, Looseleaf Green, Black Seeded Simpson

Lettuce, Looseleaf Green, Green Oak Leaf

Lettuce, Looseleaf Red, Oaky Red Splash

Lettuce, Looseleaf Red, Red Sails

Lettuce, Romaine, Rouge d’Hiver

Lettuce, Romaine, Winter Density

Lettuce, Summer Crisp Green, Nevada

Lettuce, Summer Crisp Red, Teide

Onions, Guardsman Bunching

Onions, Pontiac

Parsnips, Javelin

Peas, Shelling, Maxigolt

Peas, Shelling, Strike

Peas, Snap, Cascadia

Peas, Snap, Sugar Ann

Peas, Snow, Oregon Giant

Peppers, Amelia’s Cayenne, seeds from a friend, I save and grown each year

Peppers, Ancho 211

Peppers, Nardello

Peppers, Numex Joe E Parker

Peppers, Sweet Canary Bell

Peppers, Thai Hot

Potatoes, Adirondack Red

Potatoes, German Butterball

Potatoes, Katahdin

Potatoes, Russet Burbank

Radicchio, Chiogga Red Preco #1

Soy Beans, Green, Butterbean

Soy Beans, Green, Envy

Spinach, Bloomsdale Long Standing

Spinach, Spargo

Summer Squash, Patty Pan, Starship

Summer Squash, Yellow Crookneck

Summer Squash, Zephyr

Summer Squash, Zucchini Costata Romanesco

Sweet Potatoes, I sprout and grow a variety of supermarket sweets or mine from the previous year

Tomato, Beefsteak

Tomato, Brandywine

Tomato, Cherokee Purple

Tomato, New Girl

Tomato, Orange Blossom

Tomato, Oxheart Red

Tomato, Pink Beauty

Tomato, Purple Calabash

Tomato, San Marzano Gigante 3

Tomato, Sun Gold Cherry

Winter Squash, Buttercup (Burgess Strain)

Winter Squash, Waltham Butternut


Apple, Dwarf Fuji

Blueberries, Bluecrop

Fig, Negronne (potted)

Lemon, Meyer (potted)

Pear, Bartlett

Pear, Kieffer

Raspberries, unknown red variety

Rhubarb, a green stemmed variety

Strawberries, Alpine Red

Strawberries, unknown large red variety

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