the day before the solstice

Watching the Seasons

We are going from cool to HOT!!!

Today was a lovely 70 degree day. I was lucky to be able to spend the day in the garden. Though I forgot to bring my camera, I did photograph my harvest of garlic scapes, spinach and lettuce.

Last night I found a couple of nice old chairs that a neighbor had left out for the trash pickup. I snagged them and brought them to the community garden. I left them for others and the first gardener in commented how nice and brought one to her plot. Another great find was that the truck that came to pick up a load of our garden trash had a whole stack of cut blue stone in the back. They were very happy to unload it for our use!! I took a bunch to my garden and now have a little blue stone patio under my garden chair.

I weeded and watered today. I squished a few potato bugs. Was really pleased to see that what looked like an infestation starting last week (about 50 potatoes larvae last week) is petering out (I hope – only about 20 bugs today).

The warm weather crops are taking off finally. Today the basil looked markedly better. It looked actually quite happy. The tomatoes, sweet potatoes and squashes are taking off. My potatoes are in full bloom. Small summer squashes and cucumbers are forming.

Tomorrow is predicted to be 97*F here in the Boston area. And quite humid. We haven’t been above 80* since last August.

Tomorrow is also the summer solstice. The longest (and best) day of the year. We are planning a potluck gathering to celebrate at the community garden. We will all bring a dish made with at least one of the vegetables harvested from our gardens. I am planning to bring rhubarb pie. I made a good version last week and look forward to making it again to share.

scape harvest 070
harvest 072

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