Mom and Dad’s garden

Mom and Dad's Garden, Photos of my Gardens

mom and dads garden 036
mom and dads garden - spreading c0mpost 019 mom and dads garden - first planting 024

I’ve been helping my parents with their garden. Early this spring, on a March day that broke records (temperature in the 80’s!), my son and I spread and dug in 3 cubic yards of compost. We also planted peas, lettuce and root vegetables.

Last Friday, I brought them more seedlings and seeds. The garden is looking great. Mom is already picking a little new lettuce and using up the kale that overwintered.

I got my potatoes and some extra asparagus roots planted at my community plot today, but still no seedlings (other than a few very early tomatoes). I hope I will get to do some transplanting in my garden soon.

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