time to plant potatoes

Root Vegetables, Starting Seeds

My seed potatoes arrived in the mail today. I will see if I can get time tomorrow to start to prepare their bed. I want to gather a few wheelbarrows full of compost from the piles at the edges of our community garden, then turn these under. Then I will dig two long trenches and plant the tubers in these. I ordered four varieties of potatoes from Fedco and they are waiting in the cool basement now for planting.

Other updates, we had a super work day at our community garden on Saturday. I hope to post photos soon.

On Sunday, I planted seeds for cucumbers, watermelons, basil, dill, and cilantro. They are under my plant lights now, but nearly all of my seedlings I moved outside to the cold frame, at least temporarily. It has been very hot (highs about 80*F) and sunny, so I am saving my light bulbs. The pepper and chili seedlings are inside where it’s a little warmer at night.

The number of garden items I am eating is very gradually increasing. I still have lots of spinach and kale, also a bit of escarole and lettuce. Last week I also harvested a pot of extra dwarf bok choy that matured before it got transplanted. It made a really nice side dish over rice. Stored from last year, I have about a dozen heads of garlic left, a few tiny onions and lots of dried chilies. I am watching my asparagus sprout. I expect this weekend I may have enough for nice meal. Exciting. My bed is four years old now and I’m hoping this will be my first year with good asparagus

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