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meyers lemon 338

This year my Meyer lemon tree has lots of lemons on it. I think because I did better at watering it indoors this winter. Its in a big pot and comes in to our front porch during the winter. It can stand a mild frost and is inside from Nov to April usually. Its about 6-10 years old, I’m guessing and very pot bound as I don’t have room for a bigger tree. This summer, it could use to have its roots and branches trimmed.

Sometimes I get a few fully ripened yellow lemons, but usually they stay greenish. I am assuming we don’t have enough sun at this latitude to fully ripen all of the fruit it produces. It seems to bloom and set fruit all year round. I learned last year (from a a kind commentor on my blog) that it needs a lot of nitrogen, and I have been regularly fertilizing, which is making it look great.

The lemons are delicious, even when they are a bit greenish, and are wonderful in a martini!

I was on line last night (ordering a few more asparagus crowns) and came across a sale at Territorial Seed Co on fig trees and ordered one. I have to look into figs now. I imagine these have similar culture requirements to citrus. Hope I can squeeze two trees on the porch in the winter.

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