belated update

I haven’t looked at my poor abandoned blog in so long! I am surprised to check now and see snow on my last post. We have had weeks of balmy spring weather in the 80’s since then.

Here is part of a note I just wrote to a reader who asked where we are:

Dear Pam,

Thanks for your note. Fortunately I do not have any bad news to share. My job has preoccupied me. About 2 years ago I started a company to help women with breast cancer. The process of starting a company and getting it off the ground is time consuming.

My garden is growing well this year and I have lots of photos saved up. Last Wednesday, I took a vacation day and dug and planted seedlings and seeds in my parents’ garden. They return from wintering in FL in a month and I want them to enjoy a fruitful garden. My peas are in (planted on St Patrick’s Day) and I’m working on a new trellis for the middle of my community plot. What a great spring for gardening! Soon, I will get my blog updated.


PS. Today is Skippy’s 7th birthday

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  • How wonderful to hear from you guys and know that all is well. I was getting worried.
    I am very touch to know that you are working to help women with breast cancer, as my mom is fighting it right now.
    Happy birthday dear Skippy, for many more joyful years in the gardens full of love.

  • hey i think soon they will grow perfectly and you have yur garden full of flowers and fruits and vegetable. waiting for pictured.

  • Happy belated birthday, Skippy!

    Glad to hear all is well with you and your family.

    I have three dogs – golden retrievers, ages 12, 6 and 20 months. The oldest just had a haircut – she feels so much better without the heavy fur coat. I think I see a haircut in your future before long. ;- )

  • Happy belated birthday, Skippy! I was getting kind of concerned!

  • Welcome back Skippy!
    your italian fan 🙂

  • I absolutely freaked out when your blog sat idle for a few weeks. I'm still a novice and continually check and see Kathy's latest actiity. You keep me inspired and motivated! So glad you are updating! Thank you, you have been such a help to me.


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