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I’ve been thinking its nearly time to start my onion seeds. So today I made my 2012 planting calendar using an on line program I wrote several years ago. (Here’s the link. Its on my side bar too.)

The onions need to be in by Valentine’s Day! I will start getting my trays ready.

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  • Hi Kathy– i'm getting my plan of attack ready too. I plan on using your calculator this year. Either I'm missing it, or your calendar doesn't have a note for when to sow the onion seedlings outside. I've read "as soon as the soil can be worked". Where would that fall on your calendar? With the cool weather lettuce and broccoli? Thanks for the calendar and the wonderful blog!

  • Very cool — I meticulously planned when to do things in my garden too. And at the risk of my husband calling me a 'super nerd' — I've written some computer code to help me keep track of things, too!

    Great job staying organized!

  • Thanks for sharing the program you wrote. It is too cool.

  • Onions – that's the very first thing you plant – first date first crop.

    Go Super Nerds! (I can't really write code – this was an anomaly…)

  • Kathy,

    Thanks for sharing this cool tool. I don't have much room for starting seeds indoors, but this will be useful for starting them outdoors and transplant dates for veggie packs I buy.


  • Hi Kathy,
    I am grateful for this planting calendar.I see the plant more beets but where is the plant beets for a first time..they can be planted as soon as soil is workable, right? I am so be hind this year 🙁 and un organized.

  • Thanks for sharing this is exactly what I was looking for.

  • Just found your site a few minutes ago but I wanted to say Thank you for the planting guides!

  • I've been looking for something like this to organize gardening activities. Thanks so much for sharing!

    (I can tell I'm a little late on some things!)


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