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Let’s see, I have a big white paph blooming, and “Trick or Treat”, a fluorescent orange Lc. And Ise x Sachi, a delicate white dendrobium. These three orchids have bloomed for me every year for more years than I can count.

I love the way they catch the winter sunlight.

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  • Any tips on getting orchids to bloom?? I have never been successfuly at reblooms…but I haven't tried very hard.

    I'd love your advice!

  • Those are beautiful! I wish I could have orchids but my cat would be all over them…
    Anna in MD

  • After getting a yard, I had nearly given up on houseplants, but yesterday I must have been feeling gardening withdrawals, as I repotted all my houseplants and brought home some orchids to try again (for the upteenth time). Propagating some exotic edibles like wild lime, ginger, and lemongrass has given me the bug I guess. Love that orange orchid!

  • Kathy, I got my first orchid from a friend after it had its flowers finish finish blooming and I never new what color it was until a year later(now) I have the same kind as you. She had two spikes that bloomed with flowers. I was very proud as it was my first and only orchid but the flowers on the olds spike are dying fast. Yours are so pretty. ENJOY YOUR INDOOR GARDEN :]

  • My first advice is finding an orchid that likes your conditions. For me this is mostly luck. It seems for every 5 I buy, one reblooms, and those usually keep re blooming for years. I think one of five rebloom, one of five live but never rebloom, and the rest just peter out and die 🙁

    Like you, I don't really try very hard though. I put them outside in the summer where they get filtered sun and hit by the sprinklers. I bring them inside once night temps are below 50* (except when I forget and then they die from the cold.) In the winter, I try to remember to water them by putting them in the sink once a week and watering well. Orchids like to be feed "weekly weakly" or is it "weakly weekly"… with a good orchid food. If I remember every other month, I'm doing well. I throw a bit of time release Miracle Grow now and then. And sometimes use liquid orchid food. But mostly mine are neglected and bloom in spite of me. No wonder so many die….

    That's all of my advice. I'm sure there are orchid growers who can provide better advice…. but thanks for asking!

  • I love orchids, but I have the same plant-eating-cat issue. I currently have an aloe hybrid and a mother-in-law's tongue up on shelves where the cat can't reach. But alas, no flowers.

  • Marian(LondonUK)
    February 4, 2012 9:54 AM

    Beautiful piccies. I am down to my last Orchid which is just blooming. On average they live 4 years in my kitchen, they like the steam from the cooking. I was thinking about getting another, your pictures have prompted me to go and get a friend for my solitary Orchid.
    Marian (LondonUK)

  • it was until a year later(now) I have the same kind as you.I haven't tried very hard.


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