Skippy, Suzie & Charley

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  • Not a garden related question, but what breed of dog is skippy? My wife and I have been researching goldendoodles (we are looking for an allergy friendly dog) and skippy kind of looks like one

  • Skippy is a Portuguese Water Dog.
    (aka a Bo-dog or Obama-dog). It can be really hard to tell the difference between PWDs and doodles.

    My husband is allergic to dogs, which is why we looked into this breed. He could never go to puppy school or anything with other dogs inside, but Skippy is fine. Like doodles, PWDs are truly allergy friendly – for us.

    PWD personality is different than doodles – from what I see doodles seem playful, friendly, very energetic, very good family dogs;

    PWDs are more demanding, energetic, challenging, working dogs. They form a very close bond with one person and also with their human pack. Its very hard to travel and leave a PWD behind. They need lots of day-to-day time, exercise, challenges and attention. It is truly a gift to experience this connection with Skippy, who is a fantastic companion.

    Have fun with your new puppy!

  • Thank you for the information…It was very helpful!

  • He's such a beauty. My own PWD is part terrier so his coat is a tiny bit rougher feeling than a full PWD. Doodles do often look like Porties. Just today, we were on the T and met a Labradoodle who was his exact double, looks-wise.
    PWDs are absolutely full of energy that needs to be directed. They are so, so smart, too.


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