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This week the cute little bunny ate my beans almost to nothing – so I now have a new fence made of chicken wire two and a half feet high all around my garden. I didn’t realize those little rabbits can get through fence smaller than 2 inches and can jump a foot or more!!! Amazing.

Its a good year for bunnies and a good year for my garden. The hot weather is great for the basil and eggplants. The cukes are producing well and my giant pumpkin vines are coming along. The pumpkins are at the back side of my cold frame and are spilling over the edge and heading for the font yard where they will have room to sprawl.

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  • Sounds like the garden is doing quite well, despite Mr. Bunny. And I can't tell you how jealous I am of your "from above" view of the garden. It gives such a different (and neat) perspective of things.

  • Your garden is fab.My cucumbers are now at glut stage, so are the cute Ladybugs, or so I thought, the nine spot kind from NY.I read up on them, they are not suppose to eat the veg , just other bugs. My vines are dying even after spraying. I think it's some sort of wilt/blight.Whatever it is it's fast. I started some more seeds, hopefully. Best wishes. Roxy

  • Congrats on foiling the bunnies! Raccoons and woodchucks are getting past my electric fence. I, too, am thinking of erecting a chicken wire fence. My question: how do you get in, yourself?

    Thanks, Tiffany

  • Love your garden layout…and love the fact that you are foiling Mr.Bunny. Will have to work on some way to keep at least my youngest kitty In the garden (ie back yard)

    Your tomato appears exceptionally tall. I'm glad to hear you have started getting tomatoes. Mine won't produce until at least the middle to end of august. Can't wait.


  • Diane started those tomatoes very early and tended them exceptionally well. They are at least 6 or 7 feet tall now and I have neglecting them and haven't tied them to the teepee supports recently. They are spilling out of the cold frame, but seem happy to do so.

    I did cover my gate with chicken wire too, so now I need to step over the fence. Its just the right height for stepping over – maybe 3 feet.

  • Marian(LondonUK)
    July 26, 2011 8:10 AM

    Naughty cute bunnies. I assume you will pop a few more beans in, I started some dwarf flat pods off called Baroma, they are happy to go in July/August to eat September/October (October with fleece cover I guess).
    Garden looks super as always, colourful and productive, a pleasing blend for the eye and tummy!
    Marian (LondonUK)

  • 1 comment, 1 burning question

    1. ALWAYS love your pics of your garden (home and community). Endlessly inspiring, my brain never experiences it as "biobabbler, go weed!!!" Rather, it's always "wouldn't it be lovely to go out into your garden for a bit?"

    2. Burning question. SO, since I ALWAYS get weeds on my walkways, I'm finally deciding (with your garden as inspiration) I really should just brick in the non-growing areas. Did you do it yourself, and were any guides particularly helpful? Any lessons learned?

    I need to do something, but am not psyched about importing sand 'cause I don't want to change the soil, in case someone after me wants to rearrange things ('cause we have pretty good soil).

    Thanks! =)


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