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I found some nice Teddy bear sunflowers in a garden store last weekend and bought plants to go under our community garden bulletin board. I had these in my plot last year. They stay short but fill out and keep blooming.

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  • They really brighten the space. I've always liked sunflowers and would line the perimeter of the yard with them if the squirrels didn't delight in chomping them off at the root and leaving the plants like they're sending a threatening message.

    I knew in theory from flower arrangements that little sunflowers like this existed, but it never occurred to me to grow them. But I really like the possibilities of these.

  • We planted a lot of sunflower seeds this year, but not this variety. I'm making seed notes for next year!

  • Do these sunflowers stay very short? I didn't realise there were different varieties (stupid, I know!).

    I tried growing the large flowers a few years ago but they broke in the wind even thought they were staked up. My garden has lots of trees but it gets very blustery from the Yorkshire Wolds behind my house.

    Any suggestions for a wind break?

  • On my deck I have bird seed with sunflower seed in it. That results in an infinite supply of sunflower plants here and there, less than two feet high.

  • They're really pretty. My neighbor across the street, grows the giant variety. The birds get most/all of the seeds.

  • Oooo – I have this variety going but I haven't seen a picture of how they turn out – how lovely!

  • marian(LondonUK)
    June 29, 2011 5:59 PM

    Lovely, I have done a few short ones, "Little Dorrit". The Lottie wouldn't be the same without Sunflowers.
    Marian (LondonUK)

  • Sunflowers are such a happy flower. And I love these Teddy Bear Sunflowers. They are fuzzy, just like a teddy bear and their uniqueness commands as much attention as some of the taller sunflowers.


  • I agree with the rest of the comments – this is such a cute concept – and bright and light and just gorgeous!

  • This is a beautiful idea for the whole space! Check out the wonderful garden featured on CoffeyBuzz, the way it's constructed is so quaint and functional.


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